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A “Tuition Payment Contract” outlining the terms of payment of tuition is signed by the student at the time of registration. Students who fail to meet the terms of their Tuition Payment Contract will not be allowed to attend classes.

A registration fee of $45 must be paid by all students per quarter in addition to tuition. The registration fee along with the first tuition installment payment must be paid at the time of registration. Our pricing is affordable and payment plans are available.

Tuition Refunds

Registration is non-refundable

First week of class = 100%
Second week of class = 70%
Third week of class = 50%
Fourth week of class = No Refund
Dismissed students = No Refund

Evaluation Of Prior Learning Experience

Previous college course work as indicated on official transcripts and all non-collegiate experience is reviewed to determine if the individual has adequate experience to justify providing the opportunity for the student to show verifiable evidence of competence for any of the courses required in the chosen program. The verifiable evidence of competence will objectively demonstrate whether the experience produces an acceptable level of competence in each specific course required in the Degree Program.

The student will be required to submit evidence to their Academic Advisor that the student has met the requirements for each course. Additionally, at the undergraduate level, students may request “Credit by Experiential Learning” for general elective courses and courses in the major. For areas where an adequate level of competence is identified, students will receive credit and receive advance standing. The student will be informed of the title required course to complete their individualized program.

Final Assessment

The final assessment offers the Graduate Review Committee an opportunity to review and assess all course work requirements, and research project or thesis requirements, completed during tile students program. The Assessment is intended to determine that the student has completed all graduation requirements, and has demonstrated an adequate level of competence in the study program.

The final assessment is conducted by the College and does not require student participation. Ultimately, a Final Assessment Report and transcript are prepared and placed in the student’s file, to documents the rationale supporting the award of the degree.

Graduation Requirement

All Bachelor Degree programs have the requirement of a Bible/Theology Major consisting of the core requirements. Associate programs require the completion of 60 quarter units. All Bachelor programs require the completion of 128 quarter units, except the Bachelor of Theology, which requires 135 quarter units (A minimum of 25 percent of units must be completed at LBCC.

Student Classification

​Freshman = 0 – 30 units
Sophomore = 31 – 60 units
Junior = 61 – 90 units
Senior = 91 – 128 units

Transfer Credit Policy

Official transcripts from any accredited college or university will be evaluated and acceptable credit will be applied toward the requirements of the degree programs sought. Students who wish to have credits transferred must have official transcripts sent directly to:

Office of the Academic Dean
Long Beach Christian College
135 W. Victoria Street
Long Beach, California 90805


Long Beach Christian College (LBBC) will supply a transcript upon graduation. Requests for additional transcripts must be in writing and signed by the student. There is a fee for each transcript requested.

Certificate Copy

Long Beach Christian College (LBBC) will issue a new certificate copy to the graduate, upon receiving a written request. A fee of $20.00 is required.


135 West Victoria Street Victoria Business Park
Long Beach, CA, 90805, US

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Long Beach Christian College, Ministerial Training, Inc. (LBCC) is committed to education that equips Christian believers for service in effective ministry through a curriculum that provides a comprehensive study of the Bible, theology, and a historical background of the Christian faith.

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